Character Attributes include: Damage, HP, Firepower, Crit, Crit RES, Luck, AP, Defense and Hit.

  • Damage decides character attack, the higher the damage the higher the attack.
  • HP decides character life. If HP reaches 0 then the character will die.
  • Crit decides character critical hit power. Crit does 200% damage to enemies, the higher the Crit the higher the Crit Rate.
  • Crit RES decides character’s ability to counter Crit from enemies. The higher the Crit RES, the more Crit you can counter.
  • Luck help to increase Crit and Crit RES.
  • AP decides character’s ability to break enemies’ Defense. For example, when players’ AP is a certain amount more than opponent, player may do 120% damage to opponent. With Crit it could be as high as 240% damage.
  • Defense decides character’s ability to counter damage. Players with a higher defense will receive less damage.
  • Hit helps to increase AP and Defense.

Aside from these, there is also Battle Rating which is the assessment of your overall power.
Another useful commodity is Honor which is used to purchase high powered weapons. The more Honor possessed the more weapon choices players will have. Powerful weapons cost more Honor.
Players can also equip outfits to change their appearance, some outfits give extra bonus attributes.

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